Owning Crysalis Hair Salon is so much more than a job for me.

Being a creative entrepreneur, it’s my passion, and I love that now with Sustainable Salons Australia (SSA) I have created a beauty and body space that is both ethical and sustainable.


SIMPLE TO IMPLEMENT As a team the staff and I had already taken steps in that direction, but having the SSA system makes it so much simpler to implement the changes. It’s great to create proper systems and clear procedures throughout our salon, without having to totally change what we are doing. The whole system is so easy for people to start up with!


Another benefit that really made us happy is how being a member salon of the SSA program gives us a sense of community. When you get on board with the program you really feel the love and passion behind it! Being part of this you know you are contributing to something greater than just making people look and feel good. We are doing the same for our salon and our environment.



I have always believed education is very important so that we understand why we change how we all do things. Our goal has always been to have products that appeal to health and environmentally conscious clients. So I like that the SSA program makes it clear to our clients how serious we are about creating solutions for a sustainable future. The branding provided by SSA is a talking point for our clients and a way for us to educate staff and new customers: what we are doing, why, where it goes, and the end result.



We have even attracted new clients to the salon because their friends have told them about SSA. I’m really proud that I am leading change in my industry. For me and my staff it’s about creating a community of clients, stylists and colourists who care!