So, your salon wants to take part in World's Greatest Shave, but not quite sure how to get the ball rolling?

Well, we've put together a handy list of 7 excellent event ideas that your salon could bring to life to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation and help beat blood cancer!

1. Find a brave shaver!

This is the ultimate. Would one of your staff or clients go the big shave? This is huge! Set a fundraising goal then celebrate them, promote them, then hold the shave event in your salon and invite your community to come and witness the magic take place for a gold coin donation.

2. Auction off the right to shave

This one adds an extra level to #1. If you’re game… give your clients the chance to pick up the clippers! Hold a silent auction in your salon in the lead up to your shave event… announce the winner a few days prior then hand over the clippers on shave day!

3. Then auction off some great products!

Continuing with the theme of #1 and #2, keep the silent auction going by asking nearby stores/businesses to donate products you can giveaway to those who’ve come to watch on shave day!

4. Run a raffle!

Give your clients the chance to WIN a free haircut or colour through a raffle. All ticket sales can be donated to the World's Greatest Shave!

5. Give your clients a free glitter do for a gold coin donation

Set a fundraising goal, then from 13-17 March 2019, offer your clients a creative glitter addition to their styles for a $2 donation. It’s as simple as that! (P.S. Market this one heavily towards the kids… parents won’t be able to say no! You can thank us later.) Go one step further and offer this one to passers-by (kids, target the kids) even if they’re not having a hair service in your salon!

6. Or go for coloured chalk, hairspray or face paint (for the follicly-challenged)

As per above, but with coloured chalk or hairspray. Or you could combine and offer all four options!

7. Theme it

Take #4 or #5 one step further and find a theme that fits with your salon or simply adds a fun edge! Then apply your theme to your guest refreshments, treats, window displays, salon decorations AND hairspray/glitter colours!


Did one of those take your fancy? Great! SIGN UP now then let your Manager know what your Registered Team Name is. Let’s pool our donations to reach our $30,000 goal!

The donations you raise, no matter how big or small will help the Leukaemia Foundation win the fight against blood cancer. This year, show your community you care by raising funds or hosting an event!