We believe that everyone deserves the right to basic amenities and the chance to feel confident in new clothes with a fresh cut. And we’ve said it once (or twice) and we’ll say it again (probably a lot more, actually)... we believe in good partnerships, especially those that elevate even one person’s quality of life.  

Enter Eat.Shop.Chop... a new community initiative by Sustainable Salons. In collaboration with our friends at OzHarvest, Thread Together, TOGA, Orange Sky, Eastside FM, Randwick City Council and My Foundations Youth Housing, Eat.Shop.Chop will deliver free products and services in a festival-style day for Sydney’s homeless and disadvantaged communities.

It’s happening on Thursday 19 April at The Addison Project, home to the OzHarvest Market, generously donated by TOGA. So here’s the rundown of what will be happening on the day...it’s simple, really.


Our friends at OzHarvest will be rolling up in their food truck to hand out free meals to anyone in need of a cooked bite to eat. They’ll also open the doors of the OzHarvest Market! The market is Australia’s first-ever rescued food supermarket. It’s stocked full of produce that is either donated or would otherwise go to waste.

“The OzHarvest Market has become a real hub for the local community, where people in need can access rescued food, enjoy a hot drink and a warm welcome from our volunteers," explains Ronni Kahn, Founder, and CEO of OzHarvest.

"I can’t think of a better way to celebrate its first birthday than with a community festival Eat.Shop.Chop and the other amazing stakeholders at The Addison Project.”


While OzHarvest is filling hungry bellies, the team at Thread Together will be handing out brand new clothes! Thread Together save countless end-of-line clothing products from going to landfill. At Eat.Shop.Chop, they’ll donate these items to anyone in need of new threads and a confidence boost! “Eat.Shop.Chop is all about changing the narrative around the homeless and what they deserve,” says Greg Fisher, CEO of Thread Together.

“Why shouldn’t they wear brand new clothes? Why should manufacturers feel concerned about seeing homeless people wearing their clothes? It’s all about awareness and education. We need to take away the stigmas and shame associated with people in need.”


The Sustainable Salons volunteer team will be spending the day in our Pop Up Salon, where we’ll be cutting, styling and sweeping hair for people who don’t ordinarily have access to a hairdresser. The haircuts will give a boost of confidence (repetition) to those in need. 

“People often forget about the ‘people’ element of sustainability,” says Paul Frasca, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sustainable Salons.

“Everyone deserves to feel confident and welcomed, which is what Eat. Shop. Chop is all about; we hope to provide those doing it tough with a sense of self-worth and connectedness to their community. To elevate even one person’s quality of life – even if that’s just with a fresh haircut – is what we’re all about.”


In between all of the eating, shopping and chopping the dedicated group from Orange Sky will be giving everyone the chance to freshen up with a shower or clean laundry. The Orange Sky laundry and shower vans will be parked on site for free use by anyone in need.

Throughout the hustle and bustle of the festival, our friends from Eastside FM will be providing the tunes to help put a little pep in the steps of our guests.

While everyone else is out getting amongst the vibes, TOGA, Randwick City Council and My Foundations Youth Housing will be working behind the scenes and lending their support via amazing volunteers, logistics and on-site support.

“To me, Eat.Shop.Chop is all about bringing awareness to the homeless community. Too often, people assume that all homeless people are addicted to drugs and alcohol and that’s just not true! It’s not their fault, no one strives to be homeless. Most people are 3 paychecks away from homelessness,” says Maz Dargan, manager of Orange Sky.

“I hope that Eat.Shop.Chop encourages other organisations to do more! We have a responsibility to help our friends on the street more than once a year, we can’t just ignore the problem!”


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