models in anti-crap tees

Our gorgeous salon member Bob, in Melbourne’s South Yarra, is cutting the crap. We took some time to find out what the movement is all about, and how sustainability has changed their business.

Salon owner Amanda Berry says, "Bob was born off the back of being frustrated with an industry that remains predominantly unaccountable for the waste it produces. We found the way we lived in our personal lives was contradicted by working in an environment where no f!*k's were given for all of the chemicals and foil being thrown into landfill and down our drains." When Amanda and Charlotte opened the doors, they jumped on board with Sustainable Salons almost immediately, and they had Anti-Crap t-shirts made so they could promote that their business was all about using natural products and sustainable practices.

“It was a last minute decision to dress our models in a statement tee that represented our brand and values. When clients saw them on social media and the website they began asking if they were for sale, of course at that point they weren’t!”

They saw this opportunity and ran with it, collaborating with another local superstar, Amy of Vege Threads. Amy’s brand of clothing uses organic and eco-friendly materials, and they apply the mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle in every aspect of their business. They’re also 100% Australian made and have an accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia, so it was a match made in heaven.

“Amy was having her hair cut with us and by the end of the haircut we’d decided to collaborate. It was important to us to use a local, sustainable label and Vege Threads was all of the above...

"...but more so we wanted the profits of the shirts to go toward something good!”

They’ve gone above and beyond just “something good”, after some research Amanda, Charlotte and Amy decided 100% of profits from the Anti-Crap campaign would go to Take 3 For The Sea. At Take 3 they use donations to reduce global plastic pollution, educate people about the importance of protecting our oceans, for research and so many more amazing causes. “We chose Take 3 because their message is simple and strong: “Take 3 pieces of rubbish whenever you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere, and you’ve made a difference.”

paul in anti-crap tshirtHere at Sustainable Salons we adore the Anti-Crap message (check out Paul in his tee), and it’s clear that the public are into it too! Now you’ll see people all over Melbourne, Australia and beyond touting their message. Amanda says, “Clients love telling us when they’ve seen Anti-Crap shirts rocking around the streets!” They've kept this campaign going as it's still making waves more than a year on, providing a conversation starter about sustainability, and by supporting Take 3 with continued donations.

From coffee, to toilet paper, to their Sustainable Salons membership, they have thought of everything from a sustainability perspective – and for that clients have actively sought them out and absolutely love them. 

“People love being a part of something important, and what is more important than our planet?”

It’s true, Amanda, you said it best!

Fight the crap and save the planet, find out more about Bob Melbourne here, spread the message about sustainability and support Take 3 by purchasing your own Anti-Crap tee here.

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