During the last week in July, Sustainable Salons Australia was presented with an incredible opportunity to organize The Shave Off at Liverpool Hospital- you may have even caught the live video we posted to our facebook page. Our co-founder Paul Frasca was the individual who cut off Liverpool radiologist Mark Udovitch's long locks that day! We were able to collect a large number of donated ponytails on the day of the event, which always leaves us feeling thrilled and accomplished.

r106_0_2301_1680_w1200_h678_fmax Prior to undergoing 'the big chop', Mark managed to pull of an incredible number of 'celebrity impersonations' recreating famous hairstyles throughout the decades.

"From a smiling Kate Middleton to Kim Kardashian's 'internet breaker': Hospital worker recreates photos of famous figures - with some hilarious (but surprisingly accurate) results." -DailyMail.com Read full article here.

r0_142_1440_1781_w1200_h678_fmax So far the Worldwide campaign has raised over $3 million dollars as well as attracting plenty of support from A-list celebrities. $1292.80 was raised at the Dry July Shave Off event at Liverpool Hospital. The Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre Rad Oncology Team is currently the top fundraising team in the country having raised more than $35,000! 13735084_1077669985620595_1218652790737647217_o 13882097_1077669972287263_2321552807250440606_n Images provided by: The Liverpool Champion