Dr Catherine Stone has over 18 years of experience in Cosmetic Medicine - she was actually the first doctor in New Zealand to commit to it full time! As a lifelong greenie she had an eye out for sustainable solutions in her field, so when she heard about Sustainable Salons her reaction was “HELL YES!” It was exactly the answer she was looking for, “I had been looking for a way to take our recycling to the next level, and reduce the imprint we leave on the environment. I’m so excited that we are the first medical clinic to become a Sustainable Salon in New Zealand, and our clients love it too!”


Dr Cat loves it, her clients love it and her team loves the program as well. Dr Cat has always run her business with a green attitude, and being sustainable has become a big part of how they work. She says of the program, "Our team has really got on board, and they are proud to be part of Sustainable Salons. It has had a really positive impact on our team culture." Nowadays her team goes above and beyond to stick to their green goals, "It was funny when we opened our new clinic in Takapuna at the end of last year, and we didn’t quite have Sustainable Salons set up in the first couple of weeks – no-one knew where to put our recyclables, and none of us wanted the rubbish to go to landfill, so we hoarded it out the back until our bins arrived! It shows how much it has been integrated into our systems and culture as a team." Their sustainable attitude doesn’t stop at their recycling either, it extends to all parts of the business - including to their client’s treatments.


The team at The Face Place Takapuna receiving their bins


At The Face Place, they only provide procedures on the basis that they are safe, naturally based, medically proven and high-reward for low-risk - plus they never use anything on their clients that they wouldn’t use on themselves. Dr Cat says, “We trial everything on ourselves, and as I’m highly conscious about what I will put into my body, we are very selective.” She talks about some of these procedures, as well as health and wellbeing philosophies, in the book she released last year titled ‘Grow Younger and More Beautiful as You Age’.


Through this book Dr Cat looks to inform and guide the reader towards choices that will help them live their best life. Working in her industry has given her a wealth of in-depth knowledge that she wants to share with as many as she can. Dr Cat says, “I wrote for anyone who is interested in being the best version of themselves. It’s a guidebook of what I’ve found works through years of testing and trialling different methods, tools, and techniques for health, wellbeing and cosmetic enhancement.” Her love for helping her clients was a driving force behind this book, and she stresses that this book isn’t just about your appearance, “Grow Younger is as much about attitude, health and wellbeing as it is about how old you look and feel. I don’t want me or my clients to look 20 again, but I do want to feel healthy, fabulous and happy when I look in the mirror!"


We love seeing our salons working sustainably, and sharing their knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others! Dr Car already has another book in the works, Grow Younger with Great Food written in collaboration with Wellness by Jessica, and plans to make 'Grow Younger' a four part series. 


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