Have you ever had a glittery occasion, and weeks later you’re finding glitter in your hair, on your face, on your bed and…is that glitter in my pancakes? Well imagine that, but for 1000 years.

This is exactly what’s happening in our environment and oceans. Have you ever thought about the fact that glitter is just made up of tiny pieces of plastic? These lovely shimmery bits of microplastic get brushed off and washed down the drain. They end up in our environment and waterways, where they stay or are eaten by marine life, and might be ending up back on our plates! There are estimated to be five trillion pieces of microplastic already in our oceans.

But now with Minimal Glitter in the Sustainable Salons Rewards Shop, you can avoid these microplastics and sparkle on as normal!

minimal glitter on model

Minimal Glitter is biodegradable, 100% cruelty free and 100% cute!

We’ve launched Minimal Glitter in five different colours and in a bunch of different sizes! Everything you need for your next festival hair, makeup or nail look.

Minimal Glitter uses cellulose from hardwood to create a shiny film, which is then dyed with special pigments that won’t harm the environment. Plus, it’s not only soft on nature, it feels way softer on the skin than normal glitter! That’s a win-win!

Another type of microplastic comes from cosmetics and toothpastes that have plastic exfoliating beads. Nowadays there are so many other options, like Minimal Glitter, and scrubs made with natural exfoliating ingredients like sugar, salt or coffee grounds.

We love Minimal Glitter here at Sustainable Salons because we can still enjoy glittery goodness without the guilt. We know you want some! Get it HERE!

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