Eco Paint, GreenPower, and Aveda! What do these environment-focused super products have in common? They’re all ways that Sulis Lifestyle Salon and Spa show their extra commitment to the environment.

Tahlia Pileggi, the front-person of this inspiring Byron salon caught up with us to share her salon’s sustainability journey. She told us that her salon team loves passing on knowledge and educating their clients. “The girls are all extremely passionate about giving back to and looking after the world we live in,” says Tahlia.

This passion for sustainability drives Tahlia and her team to give back to their local community and environment. She says,

“Growing up, I have always been taught to waste nothing and to leave places better than when I got there.”

We agree! It’s these similar core values that make Sulis and Sustainable Salons a perfect match!

“When I was told that I could recycle 95% of our salon waste, it was a no-brainer!” Says Tahlia.


Not only is Sulis Lifestyle Salon and Spa a proud partner of Sustainable Salons Australia, but they have also gone a few steps further by teaming up with companies like Aveda, Enova Energy, and Natural Painting Solutions.

“I believe sustainability is a lifestyle in Byron, so it’s very important.”

Tahlia tells us, “On our journey to becoming as sustainable as possible, we have discovered many businesses with the same goal.” One such business is Natural Painting Solutions. Tahlia explains that the owner of the painting company, Steve, is one of her clients.

While getting his hair cut, Steve told her about the benefits of eco paint. Aside from being non-toxic and manufactured with fewer carbon emissions, the paint doesn’t smell of heavy chemicals creating a more enjoyable salon environment.

“He also told me that every time he does a job, he personally goes and plants a tree in the Daintree rainforest,” Tahlia tell us. Talk about an eco-superhero!

Apart from using Eco Paint, Sulis are proud users of Aveda products.

“For me, being an Aveda salon is a lifestyle choice. I am proud that my team and guests walk into a space that doesn’t smell of chemicals. I am proud that my team and guests don’t have to touch heavy chemicals. I am proud that by using Aveda we are supporting so many communities around the world to rebuild their community or access clean water."

"We are conscious of putting back into the world what we take out." 

Sulis Lifestyle Salon and Spa are big believers in supporting their local community through their partnerships with local businesses. One such business is Enova Energy. Enova Energy aims to provide a more sustainable energy choice by investing in renewables.

“The founders of Enova Energy personally look after the gardens and surrounding areas of the salon,” says Tahlia. “I got talking to them one day and they told me about Enova. It was a simple choice. It was a company with the same values and one that I wanted to support and be a part of.”

Sulis has reached new sustainability heights thanks to the dedication of its green-minded staff. Tahlia tells us that Sulis’s ‘green warrior’ is Elaine. “She has personally taken on the responsibility of making sure the [SSA] bins are used correctly. Elaine is very conscious of her choices both in and outside of work.”

“We have a responsibility to look after our environment,” Tahlia reminds us.

"By teaming up with sustainable businesses like Sustainable Salons, I’m proud to demonstrate to the world, in an industry that has not historically been kind to the environment, that we can now make a change.”

And she’s nothing if not determined to be that change! “We’ll keep working with other businesses to promote the message and support new businesses to make small changes that achieve big goals. It’s not something that happens overnight, but, bit-by-bit, every business can get there. We want to assist them in their upgrade.”

Now that’s one hell of a green goal!


Sustainable Salons Australia provides the most comprehensive waste free systems to the professional hairdressing industry. We collect and recycle 95% of a salon’s waste and reward the salon for their recycling efforts!
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