We all deserve a little indulgence. Whether that’s stretching out on a yoga mat or relaxing with a hair treatment… but usually, we don’t get the chance to combine the two. Now you can treat both your hair and your hamstrings at Enough Studio’s combined salon and yoga studio!

We caught up with the brains behind this soothing salon, Lisa Nguyen, to find out what makes her studio more than enough. 

“In a world that is obsessed with being busy and acquiring and accumulating stuff, we wanted to take a step back. We wanted to create a space for anyone who doesn’t want to get caught up in the hype of what society defines as ‘success’ and create a safe and supportive space for anyone wanting to go beyond this idea.”

To Lisa and her team, nothing is more important than self-love for both your body and mind. That’s why she created a salon space that encourages these ideas.

“Enough is here because well, to be honest, we’ve had enough. Enough of harsh chemicals that hurt us and harm the environment, and enough of seeing people push the notion that beauty is only skin deep. You are enough.”

Lisa helps her clients to incorporate these ideas into their lives by offering them an escape through a nourishing hair care treatment, or by giving them the chance to slow down in one of the studio’s meditative yoga flows.

“Hair care to us is more than just a haircut. It’s a reward, an escape, a gift, or a way to exercise mindfulness, build confidence, and appreciate yourself. At Enough, we not only want to promote wellness by helping our clients to ‘look their best’, but we want to treat their bodies too!”

That’s where the yoga comes in…

Lisa explains that she didn’t just want to own another salon in Adelaide, “There are literally hundreds of salons! I wanted to create a studio space that is multi-functional. A space for community, education, mindfulness and movement!”

Not only does Enough Studio combine yoga and hair care, but they also open their salon space for workshops and community events!

“Cultivating a healthy community is so important to us. That’s why we collaborate with teachers and businesses to run educational workshops,” says Lisa.

By doing this, she hopes to create a space where everyone feels accepted, beautiful and free to be their authentic selves.


“We want to embrace and love the things that make us different. We want to pioneer the inner and outer beauty movement because we know that true beauty comes from being courageous in yourself and standing in your true light.”

As the first ever eco-holistic salon and event space in Adelaide, Enough Studio is breaking the mold of the conventional hair salon, and offering their clients a nourishing experience from head to toe. Since their opening in January, Lisa has been blown away by the support from her community and can’t wait to collaborate with like-minded businesses and continue to make new friends along the way. 


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