Our amazing member salon MySkinSpa in Queensland offers secluded and personalised treatments for cancer patients, giving them a special place to relax.

Owner Paula Cliffin is a passionate Facialist and Corneotherapist with over 30 years in the industry and many loyal patients. She says, “You can imagine in that time I have had many patients who have become ill. It was natural for me to seek out all the information I could about treatments and illnesses as I didn’t want to make things any worse for these gorgeous people.”

Paula truly went the extra mile, attaining an accreditation to look after those with cancer and other illnesses. She personalises all of her treatments according to her patient’s needs, she says, “I offer all the same facial treatments that I offer healthy clients, they are however modified specifically for the client and whatever illness and ongoing treatments they have. No one size fits all here.”

Not only is she passionate about the health of her clients, she is also passionate about the environment. She has moulded her skincare clinic in Brisbane into a reflection of her holistic approach to skin, wellness and sustainability. Every element of the clinic has been selected with care, from low emission floors, antibacterial paint, an oxygenating tap, a leafy plant wall to purify the air and of course Sustainable Salons to take care of what goes out!

Paula says she and her clients absolutely love being on the Sustainable Salons program. It all comes down to her skincare ethos, she says, “I’m very particular about what ingredients I use on the skin and also about what goes down my sink into our waterways. I’m also very conscious of the environment and was only too aware what was going into our landfill from this industry. So, it made absolute sense to recycle and upcycle from within my business. I look at the skin holistically and certainly want the whole of my business to be holistic and at one with the environment.”

She also loves the fact that the funds made from the materials she recycles all go to OzHarvest to provide meals for those in need, she says, “The icing on the cake is what is given back to the community from Sustainable Salons, it was really a no brainer for me.”

Paula’s dedication to her clients and the environment is inspirational, it’s clear from the response of her clients that they think so too -  with patients coming from far and wide to her beautiful space! We’re glad that Sustainable Salons is a part of her sustainable journey now and in the years ahead!

Sustainable Salons Australia provides the most comprehensive waste free systems to the professional hairdressing industry. We collect and recycle 95% of a salon’s waste and reward the salon for their recycling efforts!
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