We're all aware of how devastating an oil spill can be, with history serving us quite a lesson, but you might not know just how often these oil spill events actually occur. Sustainable Salons Australia believe in life long learning, and in an educational and environmental interest, we're sharing some facts about oil spills, their frequency in our area, and ways that an individual/family, or Australian hair salon can get involved and make a difference.

*Australian Oil Spill Facts:
--> Queensland Government records show 879 spills in Queensland ports & coastal waters since 2002; in 2014-2015 oil spills in this area averaged more than once per week (86 times). --> An oil spill is classified as the spilling of: heavy fuel oil, diesel, hydraulic fluids & other oils. --> Oil spills at sea are typically much more devastating than those on land; not only are they harder to clean up, they have longer lasting, more damaging impact on the marine environment. --> Aside from an immediate fire danger, there are also air quality concerns for humans & animals in the environment afterwards. --> Find a full list of major historical oil spill incidents on record with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
*Location Based Incident Breakdown: --> Gold Coast - 7 cases --> Brisbane - 283 cases --> Cairns – 227 cases --> Gladstone – 160 cases --> Mackay – 112 cases --> Townsville - 90 cases Total spills – 879 cases Information provided by Brisbane Times
*What can be done? What can I do?
--> Happily, Sustainable Salons Australia members are actively a part of the solution already- all of the hair clippings collected by SSA are recycled into 'hair booms' which go on to assist in oil spill cleanup. *The hair does not 'soak up' the oil, but rather the oil coats each individual strand of hair. *A single hair boom is able to clean up to 4 litres of oil. *Over half a million kg of hair was used to clean up (40 million litres of oil) in the Exxon Valdez oil spill. --> Proper disposal of chemicals is essential to protecting our environment from hazardous dangers. --> A wind powered robot has recently been designed that will sail the oceans & clean them up while it's at it.