Sustainable Salons just had our first ever volunteer event in New Zealand! We are always looking for opportunities to support our local community and people in need, which is why our NZ manager Devon created ‘The Mane Event’ to support people at Auckland City Mission. People in need can receive specialised services from Auckland City Mission, including elderly, homeless and crisis services. At this event, our generous Sustainable Salon members from Biba and Morgan & Morgan volunteered their time and skills to give free haircuts to those in need!


On Monday 13th May, Jade and Avril from Biba Salon and Casey and Eric from Morgan & Morgan gave around 20 free haircuts to those in need, and more importantly gave a point of human connection. Devon says, “No two people’s stories are the same, and the people who go to the Mission for help go for many different reasons; some are isolated elderly, others are rough sleepers or people living in cars and inappropriate housing. Others are battling addictions, living with mental health issues, or struggling to feed their families over a period of unexpected crisis. But all looked and felt great after a fresh haircut. It's a small thing that can help them feel good about themselves, and it's something we can do to help them right now.”


Devon says that the event was a resounding success for both the volunteers and their clients, “Our volunteers had the best morning and loved being able to help our clients. It was heart-warming to see soooo many appreciative, smiling faces. We even had one client say it was the best cut he had ever had, and he felt a million bucks!”


Our volunteers from Biba and Morgan & Morgan at work


Jade and Avril had a great time volunteering at the event, they said, “It was a pleasure to be involved, having one on one time to chat to people was a highlight. Also seeing some amazing transformations! Events like these bring people together and reminds us that a little bit of kindness goes along way”


In the future, we hope to offer this service monthly to give Auckland City Mission clients something they can rely on. In the long term, Devon wants to open these types of events up to other centres in other communities outside of Auckland to spread the support throughout New Zealand.

Are you a Sustainable Salons member who wants to volunteer? CLICK HERE to register and we’ll be in touch!

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