"Community is really what drives our passion for the business. When we think of ‘community’ we think of our team of artisans who continually inspire us, our guests whose loyalty and patronage make it all possible, and our wider community who we like to give back to whenever we can." - Brett McKinnon, owner of The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community, Paddington (NSW). KxLmwcFzZUh14eTd5-coCdAboEa1h10LNij57dn4w7M

While we aim to maintain a profitable business, we have always tried to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.

We had been using the 100% recyclable Refoil since they launched the brand in 2012, and know how passionate Ewelina and Paul are about making our industry more sustainable. So when they approached us with this concept, we immediately loved everything about it and didn’t hesitate to jump on board.



Becoming a member of Sustainable Salons Australia has inspired and motivated our team to do all we can to help the environment, not just at work but also at home. It has made us all much more aware of ways we can reduce our impact on the planet. The program has also been received with amazing enthusiasm by our guests, who think what we are doing is incredible! And they love that just by having their hair done they are also doing something for their community: the proceeds from recycling helping to feed the homeless, the cut hair being used for wigs for kids with alopecia or made into booms to be used in cleaning up oil spills.


It has been a real learning experience, reflecting on what things are made of, and also rethinking our choices about what we use in the salon", says owner Brett McKinnon.


At first we had to stop and think rather than just throw something in the bin, so it has taken some getting used to, having multiple bins in the salon. They say it takes 21 days to change a habit and now that we have been a part of the program for a couple of months, we have it down pat! To other salon owners, I would just say “Do it”. This is such a great program,. In fact, I think it has made our clients more loyal, as they want to stay with a salon helping the community in so many ways. Our team are also as passionate about the SSA program as we are, which is so important. And the team at SSA made sure during our installation training that everyone was on board. Plus we love the rewards program that allows us to use our points for everything from biodegradable towels to toilet paper made from discarded sugar cane fibre.