Q: When did you start to take sustainability in your business seriously? A: We started taking sustainability seriously when we transitioned from material towels to disposable in order to minimise our impact on water and electricity. Then we saw the financial benefits and the fact that our staff could focus more on hairdressing and less on laundry. We then started to explore other ways to minimise our carbon footprint such as installing LED lights and using Refoil (recycled and recyclable foil), now with the new partnership with SSA we have almost a carbon neutral salon. Most of the materials used in building our new salon are from recycled or renewable sources.

Q: What are the most important environmental considerations in your business?
A: Reducing the toxic load on our staff and clients by using cleaner professional products and to minimise our salon waste by safely disposing of our excess colour and recycling everything possible.
Q: How do you get the staff involved and make them participate in your strategies?
A: The staff saw the direct benefits of the program after a session with Paul Frasca and the financial benefits from the program are directly reinvested into the salon's education budget. This allows our staff to attend many forms of education throughout the year for free, which is a direct benefit they receive from the program.
Q: What’s your advice for other business owners who don’t know where to start with recycling and sustainability?
A: Start small and think big. Implement incremental changes, and you will begin to see the benefits instantly. Staff are more productive and this only improves your bottom line. Clients are very supportive of the initiative also.
Q: What are your business goals in terms of sustainability?
A: It would be great to be carbon neutral, we are currently working towards 80%. A sustainable clean salon is key to being profitable and having longevity in this industry. As a business owner it is my top priority. Consumers want to make cleaner choices in their lifestyles, having a cleaner sustainable salon is a huge selling point.
Thank you to Adam Ciaccia of Axis Hairdressing for answering our questions and providing such great feedback and insight to others who may be hoping to head in a more sustainable direction with their salons too!