Syndicate Coffee in Richmond, Victoria are creating a serious buzz. Delicious, ethical and sustainable – this is one cuppa you can enjoy guilt-free, thanks to their compostable, high barrier Econic bags!

Instead of buying coffee in a single-use plastic bag, skip the extra plastic waste. Enjoying your environmentally friendly coffee has never been so tasty or easy. Order it from the Sustainable Salons Rewards Shop, enjoy your brew, pop the degassing valve into your plastics bin, and put the rest of the packaging and used grounds into the compost. Ta-dah! It's too easy to be a green champ. According to 1 Million Women,

Worldwide, it's estimated 2 million plastic bags are used every single minute! Be part of the solution and use products like Syndicate Coffee from our Sustainable Salons Rewards Shop.

Hundreds of thousands of animals die each year from ingesting plastic, so every piece you can reduce counts! Taking small steps like changing the brand of coffee you buy can make all the difference for marine life in the future.

We're now stocking different varieties of Sydicate Coffee in our Rewards Shop, as well as beautiful Bodum Chambord French presses. Their most popular blend 'Espresso Syndicate' has a flavour profile of nut, caramel and complex fruits. Kingpin is another favourite, with notes of toffee, cocoa and red apple. Check out the other varieties in the Rewards Shop!

cup of coffee on blue backdropThere's more good news, not only is Syndicate Coffee’s packaging is sustainably minded, they focus on being ethical and sustainable in all steps of their business!

At their cafes, they serve their coffee in Planet Cups that are fully compostable, lid included! According to the University of Melbourne, it’s estimated that 1 billion disposable coffee cups are used every year in Australia. That’s over 2.7 million coffee cups a day. 

The majority of disposable cups are lined with a plastic coating, which means they don’t end up getting recycled. Syndicate Coffee’s use of compostable cups is definitely a more sustainable option!

Syndicate coffee also encourage their farmers to work with an environmetal conscience on their farms. They form direct relationships with producers and import partners, and reward them for sustainable practices such as biodynamic farming, water treatment and sustainable pest and disease treatments.

This ensures long term production of quality coffee, which Syndicate pays more to purchase. As these returns are re-invested into the local economy, it increases the wellbeing of the community as a whole!

For Plastic Free July, you can get a starter pack with 4x varieties of coffee and a 1L Bodum Chambord French Press for only 335 points! Shop now!

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