Tanya Lewis is a whirlwind of eco-activity, she is the author of organisational book STUFF OFF, creator of the 10R’s organising system (which has diverted an estimated 35500kg of clutter from landfill!), clutter-free lifestyle teacher to over 6700 people at workshops and seminars - and much more!

Tanya lives her life according to a philosophy borrowed from Gandhi, “Live simply, so others can simply live.” This is the inspiration and driving force behind Eco Organiser, Tanya says, “Eco Organiser® blends traditional organising aims of creating order in our time and space, with our absolute passion for closing the loop.” For Tanya and her team, this means ethical decluttering, sustainability and reducing waste to landfill.

This is a common goal that Sustainable Salons shares, and it’s a big part of why Tanya is a Sustainable Salons convert. A quick conversation with Toni from Red Hill Hair was all it took to convince her to switch salons, “I noticed a sticker on the window of a new salon, this made me very curious, so I popped in and had a chat with Toni. The rest is history! Once she explained the recycling program and innovative ways Sustainable Salons recycles I was hooked.” And the fact that Red Hill Hair is a Sustainable Salon isn’t the only thing that keeps Tanya coming back, “Toni is down to earth, always greets with a big smile and my hair looks fantastic each and every time.” There’s nothing better than sustainability with a smile!

And Tanya knows that all too well, it’s clear from her many career highlights at Eco Organiser that her message is being well received. She has spoken at the Antidote Festival of Ideas at the Sydney Opera House, is an ambassador for Planet Ark, and a received a personal thank you note from Greenpeace for her work in reducing food waste. But what she loves most is when people tell her, “Being eco organised has changed my life!"

In 2019 Tanya and her team aim to spread their word further than ever, encouraging consumers to support local sustainable businesses and local recyclers through her recycling directory that you can visit here. She's also taking the system internationally - the first stops being the UK and Singapore. Tanya says, “We will to continue to our work to educate people how to ethically declutter, to turn clutter into opportunities and stop the vicious clutter spiral.”

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Red Hill Hair 

Sustainable Salons provides the most comprehensive resource recovery program to salons. We collect and recycle up to 95% of a salon’s waste and reward them for their recycling efforts!
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