It’s official, Sustainable Salons is now international! We have lift off following our fantastic launch event last night with some very cool Kiwis at Servilles Academy in Auckland!

With 450+ salons on board Australia-wide, it made sense for us to take the green team abroad!

Our very own Co-founder, Paul Frasca, was the first to hop to the stage in front of 80+ guests at the Servilles Academy last night.

“New Zealand is not only renowned for its awesome scenery, but also for being progressive on many issues,” says Paul. “They have the passion and the motivation to really take sustainability to the next level, and that’s what Ewelina and I are most excited about!”

“And we couldn’t have asked for a better kick-off! Having a room full of people all eager to know more about creating a sustainable future is our idea of success. Education and awareness is such a huge part of the journey… and if we can get just one more salon to take action because of it, then it means we’re one step closer to achieving our goal of zero waste.”

The CEO of KiwiHarvest, Deborah Manning, was the next to jump on stage giving an impassioned speech on food waste and hunger issues across New Zealand. Just like in Oz, Sustainable Salons will be donating 100% of our recycling proceeds in New Zealand to KiwiHarvest.

“KiwiHarvest is delighted to have been chosen by Sustainable Salons to be their New Zealand charity partner,” says Deborah. “Both organisations share a common ethos of finding innovative solutions to reduce waste and promote sustainability,” says Deborah.

As the first salon group to join us in New Zealand, Servilles Salon Group founder Paul Serville concluded the launch event by showing his own passion for sustainability.

"Servilles is really excited about being on board with the Sustainable Salons movement in NZ,” Paul enthused. “It means that hairdressing salons will start leading the way with recycling and sustainability here, and hopefully the service Sustainable Salons provides us could eventually become the norm for all businesses… then we really can make New Zealand the pure, green country that we want it to be!”

So, for all you Auckland salons that are keen to go green, now you can! Our NZ Manager Devon Tong is ready for you...

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Sustainable Salons provides the most comprehensive waste free systems to the professional hairdressing industry. We collect and recycle 95% of a salon’s waste and reward the salon for their recycling efforts! Contact us here if you’d like to become a member of Sustainable Salons.