In an Australian first, all the hair shaved and snipped from the World’s Greatest Shave events around the country will be collected by Sustainable Salons Australia and repurposed into the Hair Boom Project and local composting solutions.

Plus, we’ll collect all ponytails longer than 20cm to donate to charitable organisations that create wigs for those who have lost their own hair due to medically-induced hairloss.

“Hair is such a powerful resource,” says SSA MD and Co-founder Paul Frasca. “Not only does it have amazing repurposing opportunities, but it’s unlimited!

“In a world where our natural resources are in steady decline, why are we dumping this valuable commodity in landfill?

“We’re on a mission to reverse this, and that’s why we’re hugely excited to be partnering with World’s Greatest Shave.”

The Leukaemia Foundation is this year celebrating the World’s Greatest Shave’s 20th anniversary, a huge milestone having raised more than $200 million so far! During this time, upwards of 270,000 people have been diagnosed with blood cancer, making this event only more crucial each year; all the money raised supports families facing this terrible disease and funds vital research as they push towards a cure.

“Things have come a long way since World’s Greatest Shave began 20 years ago,” says Dave Simms from the Leukaemia Foundation.

“Now, all the extraordinary Aussies who shave their hair are not only helping people affected by blood cancer but also reducing our environmental impact.  It’s a win for Aussies and a win for the environment!

“It’s incredible to think your hair could end up floating on the Great Barrier Reef blocking an oil spill or made into a wig to help those who haven’t lost their hair by choice.”

SSA will also collect all empty cans of coloured hairspray, which will be diverted away from landfill and back into recycled resources.


Are you a Sustainable Salon? Does your salon already host a World’s Greatest Shave event? Do you have a staff member keen to shave their crowning glory and raise funds? Sign up your salon and join the Sustainable Salons Australia Super Team… let’s see how much our network can raise together.

The 2018 World’s Greatest Shave is from 14 – 18 March. Click HERE for all the info!