Zedz Hair, Beauty Salon and Day Spa is putting waste front and centre – literally. Over the years Zedz has been working to become more environmentally conscious, and when they recently made some green changes to their salon they realised they could recycle even more of their waste with Sustainable Salons!

Terrina is always finding ways to bring awareness to the importance of reducing our impact on the environment. To create awareness of the new sustainable practises in her business, Terrina knew she needed a way to grab her customer’s attention. Now, when you walk into Terrina’s beautiful salon in Perth WA, you’ll see their waste on display…in the form of a beautiful statue of used hair foils.

“It’s all about putting the sustainable message in clear sight. As well as the statue, we are now placing recycling bins in view of clients so they can see exactly what we are recycling with Sustainable Salons.”

This has been a fantastic way to get clients talking about what Zedz's is doing to reduce their impact. “Our aim has always been to draw clients’ attention to our recycling and salon sustainability, as well as opening up a conversation with them. So, to have clients show interest in helping the environment is incredibly rewarding.”

Outside of the salon, Terrina has gone even further to spread the message of sustainability. For Hair Expo, the Zedz Art Team and Recycle Sister created a photographic collection entitled ‘Waste’ using plastic waste collected from within just 3km of the salon. The collection is stunning, but the powerful images highlight the huge issue of plastic waste in our environment.

Zedz 'Waste' collections photograph series

Photography - Chris Huzzard

Hair - Zedz Art Team - Terrina Brown, Grace Commins and Kirsty Mclennan

Makeup - Adi Orube

This project has really changed the way that clients look at waste both in and out of the salon. “Client feedback about the ‘Waste’ collection and foil statue has been amazing. Many have remarked how much they love the concepts and a large number have shown interest in joining the waste-free cause.” The energy and excitement around the salon has also had a great positive impact on the staff, who love being a part of the cause. Word has also reached companies outside of the hair industry who want to know more about the collection and what they can do to reduce waste in their own industries.

Zedz are creating a fantastic impact now and their future looks even brighter. Terrina says, “We hope to continue to inspire and work alongside businesses outside of the industry to create awareness of sustainable business practices. We want our clients to know they are making a difference by supporting a local salon, who not only delivers a WOW experience but cares for its environment.”

Sustainable Salons Australia provides the most comprehensive waste free systems to the professional hairdressing industry. We collect and recycle 95% of a salon’s waste and reward the salon for their recycling efforts!
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